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Information Security

Usually, in Internet, information security is confused with IT security. On the latter subject, the most important websites are:
  • www.sans.org, the SANS Institute gives access to different resources (the Internet Storm Center and the Reading Room) including the subscription to the Newsbyte newsletter.
  • www.schneier.com, website of one of the most famous experts in IT security. The Crypto-Gram newsletter is recommended.

  • csrc.nist.gov, the NIST is concerned with the IT security of US Government agencies and publishes very interesting standards and guidelines.
  • http://www.commoncriteriaportal.org, the official site for Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408).
  • http://nsi.org, the National Security Engineering Institute publishes documents about IT and not-IT security.
  • www.trustedcomputinggroup.org, the Trusted Computing Group.
  • www.bsi.de, the German BSI publishes a very popular IT Security baseline.
  • www.cesg.gov.uk, the UK information security agency.
  • www.cse-cst.gc.ca, the Canadian Communications Security Establishment.
  • www.cisecurity.org, the Center for Internet Security publishes interesting configuration baselines for the hardening of IT systems.
  • www.dsd.gov.au, the Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD).
  • enisa.europa.eu, the European Network and Information Security Agency is the competence center of the UE and manages various IT security related projects.
  • www.pcisecuritystandards.org, Payment Card Industry publishes the PCI standards.
Security and auditing
Risk Assessment methodologies
Business Continuity Management
Virus and Anti-virus
Other information security websites, alphabetically ordered:
IT Service Management

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